Gym Accessories

Experienced trainers know that a hardcore workout requires some serious gym accessories. We have everything you need to keep your gym bag stocked up, ready for action!

About Our Gym Accessories

Some people head to the gym with a towel and a bottle of water. That’s great for those who love an exercise class or are looking to fit in a quick burst of cardio. For those who take weight training seriously and are trying to sustain real growth, your gym bag needs a few more products.

We have all the gym accessories you could possibly need to supplement your training. If you are looking to lift competitively or you have fitness goals that are currently eluding you, take a look through our range for useful items that might help.

What is Missing from your Gym Bag?

If you find yourself reaching your peak performance earlier than you’d like, it might be time to invest in some smelling salts. As part of our gym accessories portfolio, these salts should be used with care. However, they can help give you that extra short-term boost you need.

We also have gym accessories for lifting, including a barbell pad and cable ankle strap. Both will give you more comfort and confidence when it comes to lifting heavier weights and increasing reps. Carabiners also have a number of different uses, making them a worthy gym bag essential.

Finally, any dedicated weightlifter should be paying attention to their diet. A good meal prep routine is essential for this and our Insulated Lunch Bag comes with a variety of tubs so that you can eat a healthy meal after training.