Barbell Pad

Add a layer of comfort to any exercise that involves a barbell with our Heavy Duty Barbell Pad. Designed to easily slip on to any bar the pad makes it easier to keep the weights close to your body as you move through your workout.

About Barbell Pads

Helping to ease the pressure that comes from placing a weight on your shoulders or hips, these pads make heavy exercises more comfortable. Simply slip your pad onto the centre of your bar before lifting onto your back for squats or placing on your hips for glute bridges. The soft rubber material protects your body so that the bar doesn’t dig into your skin. It also helps to give you a good measure of where the centre of the bar is, so you can have good hand placement for deadlifts and rows.

Barbell pads are useful in other ways too. Thy have an ergonomic design that helps to distribute the weight across your body evenly. This balances you as you lift and allows you to focus on posture. A well-balanced weight takes some of the pressure off the neck and spine, helping to prevent injury.


What is Special About our Barbell Pads?

Crafted from only the highest quality materials, our pads are made for intensive use. If you are a weightlifter, they are ideal, serving you for many years of hardcore workouts. Lightweight, anti-slip and compact, these are a must-have for your gym bag.



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