cable ankle strap

Our D8 Cable Ankle strap, also known as Kickback Attachments, are straps that fit all Cable Machine/Power Bands/Safety bands/ Resistance trainers, etc. Attach and secure the straps to the machines using the 2 welded metal “D” rings. An included carabiner attaches the “D” rings for a single anchor point for maximum weight loading and easy release.

These straps are easy to put on. They are one-size-fits all but adjust easily to fit the individual wearer. Our D8 Cable Ankle Straps are comfortable to wear and feature long, high-quality velcro straps that secure them in place. Double-stitched nylon webbing has been added in high stress areas for long-lasting durability and preventing against rips and tears during your workout.

Cable ankle straps are perfect for performing leg extensions, leg curls, and hip abductors as well as working your glutes, hamstrings and butt.

Each D8 Cable Ankle Strap measures 1o cm wide and 30cm long. Their stylish design reflects the D8 colors of blue and black with D8 logo embroidered into each. Sold separately or in pairs.

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