Reaction Ball

Our Reaction Ball is a  fantastic toy for the gym or sports field that helps improve coordination and reaction speed. Your reflexes will be super sharp after a session with this unpredictable bouncing ball.

About Reaction Balls

These funny shaped rebound balls have been crafted to bounce in unexpected ways. Simply throw against the floor or a wall and try and catch the ball whichever way it goes! This makes it a great tool for those who play sports such as cricket, tennis or rugby and is also useful for goalkeeper training. However, even non-professionals will have hours of fun with these reaction balls, improving their catching skills and boosting agility and speed.

You can even use these balls as a cute massage tool. Their small size makes them perfect for targeting those knotted areas and getting deep into the muscle.

How to Choose a Reaction Ball

Our bouncy balls come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you have larger hands or are goalkeeper training, it might be more beneficial to select a larger ball. However most people will suit a ball of around 7cm. Not only are the smaller reaction balls slightly easier to catch thanks to their size, but they are also easier to store. All our balls are lightweight and portable, so they can easily be taken on a family trip to the beach or the park. Or, if you are looking to spice up your workouts, they are a welcome addition to your gym bag.

Rubber is the best material, since it is bouncy and tough. You’ll be able to throw it as hard as possible against the hardest of surfaces and it will still bounce back ready for more.

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