Aerobic Step

The simple aerobic step – a small obstacle within a workout, but we all know how exhausting a long flight of stairs can be! This single step can be combined with a high-impact workout to push your body to the limit!

About the Aerobic Step

Remember those fun 80’s step classes? They may have been the birthplace of this fitness tool but you don’t have to dress up in Lycra and perform cringy dance routines on them any more!

These aerobic steps grip the gym floor and stand solid beneath you as bring your workout moves into modern times. They are now used in a wide variety of routines, including HiiT, interval training, circuits and weight training. And yes, you can still use them in dance routines if you like!

How to Use Your Aerobic Step

Step up, step down! Go as fast or as slow as works for your body and fitness level. You can take things up a gear by adding a squat, hop or lunge into the movement. You can even jump over the step or use it as a shallow bench for weighted exercises. The aerobic step is a very versatile piece of equipment that is great in both public and private gyms.

Most of the exercises you can perform on your step can also be performed with two feet firmly on the floor. The aerobic step will add an extra level of calorie burning to your routine, while also helping to keep things interesting. Add weights for added intensity!

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