Ankle Weights

Add an extra layer of difficulty to your training routine by wearing ankle weights. Designed to test your strength during high-impact moves, they will help you to move past any exercise plateaus. This will allow you to continue to build muscle in your legs.

About Ankle Weights

Strapping a pair of ankle weights onto your legs offers an easy way to increase resistance in your exercise regime. Working to create lean, toned legs, they are very versatile in use. Wear them while cleaning the house or walking to the shops to add weight training into your everyday life.

Wear these if your are aiming to improve your strength and endurance. These small but effective weights put pressure on any exercise that requires you to lift your feet. For this reason they are not recommended for those with existing knee or ankle complaints. It is important to use them properly to avoid damaging the leg joints.

Why You Should Add Ankle Weights to Your Workout

If your leg workout are getting a little tiresome, then these weights can make things more interesting. There are lots of leg exercises that work to tone the thighs and calves without weights, but adding light weights can make your muscles work even harder. Ankle weights are also easier to keep in place that a heavy barbell on the back or dumbbells.

If weight-loss is your goal, rather than muscle gain, then these weights will help you to burn more calories per session. Runners will appreciate the added stamina that comes from working out with weights, while swimmers can use weights in the water for a low-impact workout.

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