Improve your form when lifting weights with our Arms Blaster – Biceps Isolator. Intended to help you exercise the biceps in isolation, this frame will keep your arms and back in the best position to avoid injury and improve your movement.

About Arms Blaster – Biceps Isolators

Bicep isolators are simple contraptions that are easy to use. Simply strap the fabric frame around your body and pick up your weights. The Arms Blaster – Bicep Isolator keeps your elbows tucked in to the side of your body and your shoulders in place. This ensures that the biceps are the only muscle working to lift the weights. With all the focus on the bicep, you can quickly work your way to muscle exhaustion. This will ensure the muscles grow stronger and have more endurance each time you wear the frame.

A simple alternative to using a preacher or incline bench, bicep isolators are cheap, lightweight and easier to store. They take up very little space in a public or home gym setting.

Do Arms Blaster – Biceps Isolators Really Work?

As any trainer will tell you – form is everything when it comes to lifting weights. If you have the wrong posture when performing bicep curls, you risk straining your back or shoulders. You also do not feel the full benefit of the movement. Bicep isolators are great for ensuring you complete each rep properly and without pain.

When used correctly, the Arms Blaster is a fantastic way to work the upper arms.

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