Bar Collars

An essential buy for any weightlifting enthusiast, gym collars help to keep plates in place on your barbell. Designed to be lightweight but strong, they clamp onto the bar to stop the weights sliding around as you lift.

About Bar Collars

Bar collars are often overlooked by amateur lifters. However, it is important to secure these collars in place before attempting to lift weights of any size on a barbell. They come in many different shapes and sizes and deciding which ones to purchase is a matter of preference.

Spring gym collars are the perfect starter option. Cheap and cheerful, they will allow you to get used to the idea of lifting. They hold the plates steady without increasing your weight.

However, if you are serious about lifting competitively, you might prefer to take a look at our lock jaw collars. Although these are slightly more expensive, they are better suited to intensive use. They tend to be more durable and hold their grip for longer than spring gym collars.

Why Buy From D8 Fitness?

We are keen to ensure you receive the highest quality products, which is why we work with manufacturers who work to our high standards. We offer gym collars that appeal to both ends of the fitness scale and are available for all budgets, so that everyone can enjoy great products. While the more expensive steel ring collars are an excellent choice for professional lifters and those with ambition, our cheaper collars are still a fantastic option for general fitness.

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