Boxing Equipment and Accessories

We stock all the Boxing Equipment and Accessories you need for one of the toughest and most rewarding sports there is. Whatever you need to boost your boxing prowess, you are sure to find it here!

About Our Boxing Equipment

Whether you are a complete beginner or a professional boxer, there are a few simple accessories you might need for your sport. Every boxer will need a good pair of gloves that will be able to withstand constant use and keep the hands fresh and dry inside. You will also need things to practise punching on – either a good quality punch bag or some pads for your workout partner to wear. A gum shield is also a good idea once you start sparring for real.

Take a look at our range to find all the boxing equipment you will need.

Who Should Do Boxing?

Many people look at the sport of boxing and believe it is only for those that like to fight. Actually, boxing is a fantastic sport for all ages, fitness abilities and pain thresholds! It helps to keep you fit, encorporating both strength training and cardio, while also having a profound impact on your mental health. While you watch your muscles grow, you might also feel stronger in your mind. Increased confidence is another wonderful side-effect, while you experience improved discipline and control.

If you want to keep it contact-free, that’s no problem – you will still learn some important self-defence moves. However, if you start to love the sport, you will soon find a desire to push your fitness boundaries and take it to the next level.

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