Keep hands dry and prevent against rips and tears with our selection of chalk. We now carry a variety of forms, including powder, balls and liquid.

High quality magnesium carbonate is a must-have for a wide variety of training or athletic activities. You’ll find it in the personal and professional training bags of crossfitters, body builders, power lifters, kettlebell users, gymnasts, rock climbers… the list goes on.

Why use chalk?

It protects your hands and helps you improve your grip. Use it for barbell deadlifts, Olympic lifts, bench presses and more. Dryer, safer hands means more reps or greater lifts for training and performance in competitions. It also means a firmer grip for longer. Consequently, you don’t risk injuring yourself with slipping or dropped weights.

Chalk is also great for a variety of calisthenics or other exercises where you’re using mats or other equipment that require a firm, dry, no-slip grip. You can apply it to your hands or to other areas of your body that come into contact with equipment or gym apparatus, like forearms and thighs.

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