Kettlebell - Clubbell - Macebell

Our selection of professional Kettlebells is sure to test your strength, endurance and power. Training with these high-quality weights has many benefits for the body, toning and conditioning the figure whilst improving flexibility.
About Our Kettlebells
The first thing you might notice about our kettlebells is that they are all the same size despite their varying weights. Whether you are picking up an 8kg weight or a 48kg weight, your kettlebell should fall in the exact same place for each exercise. If you find this is not happening, you know to look at your posture and technique for improvement.

To make it easier to select your chosen weight, we have colour-coded each bell. All you have to do is remember which colour your weight is! These weights are made with a strong steel shell, polished to a high shine which makes for a far easier grip when lifting with chalk. The base is flat for stability and the 35mm handle is unpainted for comfort.
How Do I Know Which Weight I’ll Need?
If this is your first time using kettlebells, choose  the very lowest weight to start. You will find some exercises easier than others, in which case you might want to move up to the next weight. Start with a 12kg weight if you are quite fit and strong. Either way, you should start with a small range so that you are not limited in your efforts. The more you use your bells, the quicker you will progress up the weights.


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