Mini Loop Bands

Just like all the other resistance bands we sell, Mini Loop Bands are designed to upgrade your workout. However, these smaller circular bands are made to target specific muscles, working deeper into the area for a defined effect.

About Mini Loop Bands

These innocent-looking bands have the power to awaken muscles that haven’t been used in some time. While many exercises focus on the larger muscles for faster results, these loop bands work the smaller muscles that can sometimes get forgotten. Activating these muscles helps to reduce weak spots and improve the overall effectiveness of any workout. They are also important to look after to prevent injury from high-impact exercises.

This is why our mini loop bands are so good at improving posture, strength, balance and endurance. They help to ensure no muscle gets left behind!

Using Your Mini Loop Bands

These bands come in a range of colours, with each shade representing a different weight of resistance. Generally, the darker the colour, the heavier the resistance. It is important to ensure you never try to use a band that is too heavy for you. It will inhibit your range of movement and you won’t get the full benefit of the exercise. Equally, a band that is too light won’t test your muscles and encourage growth.

Pull these bands on while working specific muscles. They are great for squat walks, shuffles and lunges and can be a welcome addition to glute bridges too. Whether you are looking to increase strength or increase flexibility after injury, you need some mini loop bands.

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