Suspension Trainer

In order to incorporate a suspension trainer in your public, private or home gym, all you need is a sturdy overhead object which can act as an anchor point for your straps. Once in place, use this simple contraption to work your core with a variety of effective exercises.

About Our Suspension Trainers

We stock a range of suspension trainers from respected manufacturers including TRX, AST and Rings. These are some of the most well-known brands on the market, creating high-quality products were sure you’ll love.

Each suspension trainer has a similar design. They are made up of a thick, strong strap with two metal hoop handles at either end. They also come with alternative anchoring options so you can use your trainer no matter where you might be in the world. Ideal for core stability training, you can use your trainer for a number of full body workouts. There is a huge variety of exercises that you can undertake with this tool.

How to Use Your Trainer

Once you have your suspension trainer in place, you can adjust the straps to best suit your needs. Most people will find they are more challenged with longer straps placing their centre of gravity lower to the ground.

You can then hold the handles to do arm exercises such as rows. Alternatively, place your feet in the hoops and try a few push-ups. The trainer works to place more pressure on the muscle group you are working out for a quicker route to muscle fatigue.

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