Thera Bands

Stretch your muscles to the max with our high-quality Thera Bands. Designed for use within warm ups, cool downs, rehabilitation movements and strenuous exercise, they are versatile and useful in a variety of situations.

About Thera Bands

These are the original flat resistance band, created over 40 years ago to revolutionize the fitness industry. Since then, they have spread throughout the world, renowned for their quality manufacture and incredible adaptable nature.

Thera Bands are brightly coloured and very stretchy, allowing you to twist and bend in many different positions. The different colours identify different strengths of resistance, allowing you to see the weight at a glance when training. The structure and design may be simple but the pay-off is great. These clever little bands can help improve mobility, increase flexibility and cultivate strength. A workout with a Thera Band is never wasted!

How to Use a Thera Band

Bend it, twist it, shake it, move it! These bands are made to add resistance to almost all of your traditional workout moves. Stand both your feet on the band and hold with your hands as you perform bicep curls, hammer curls or tricep extensions. Wrap the band round your knees during a crab walk or glute bridge or flip over and attempt some bird dogs. The possibilities are endless and the effect on your body is worth it!

However you choose to use your Thera band, make sure to use a resistance that best suits your body. A band that is too heavy will be too difficult for you to move. Meanwhile, one that is too light won’t test your muscles to their full ability

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