Gym Timer

Keep one eye on the clock while you complete as many reps as possible with a high quality gym timer. This is a useful gym companion that ensures you don’t waste a second of your workout time.

About Gym Timers

Every trainers’ best friend, a countdown timer eliminates the need to count reps. Ideal for use during HIIT, tabata and fat burning workouts, they are an essential bit of exercise kit. Whether you are training in the gym, the ring or on the track, you need a gym timer.

If you are keen on interval training, a timer can be extremely useful. Programme yours to beep at selected intervals so that you can muscle your way through each rep without having to check the clock. Some even have a remote control, so you can reprogramme part-way through a workout without having to move off your mat.

What Features Should You Look for in Your Timer?

Of course, you’ll want a gym timer that will last you through many years of training. Look for high quality structures with a long battery life.

It is important for your timer to have a large clock face, so that you can tell the time from a quick glance. It can also be useful to have a variety of pre-programmed settings. These allow you to get started with your workout as quickly as possible, with no need to set timings.

Finally, choose a versatile timer that can be hung on the wall, stood on a shelf or carried to your chosen spot.

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