Bear Komplex Grips

Bear KompleX Grips offer one of the best hand grips on the market. The company worked closely with the highest level of Crossfit athletes to help design their unique grips. The patented two-hole and three-hole finger option hand grips quickly developed a devoted following among serious athletes.

BKX grips are engineered to protect athletes’ hands during training and competition. Grip construction consists of genuine leather and carbon fiber to reduce slipping. Custom wrist straps ensure a comfortable fit while providing support under the buckle.

Bear KompleX aims to assist CrossFit and functional fitness athletes achieve maximum performance in both training and competition. The full support and stability provided by the grips result in the better overall health of the committed CrossFit athlete.

BKX provides hand grips and other gear that is not only durable, but comfortable. Other BKX products include weight belts, knee sleeves, sandbags, backpacks, plate carrier vests, mobility tools and much more.

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