Picsil Hand Grips

Picsil Handgrips

Improve your grip, confidence and gym style with our range of Picsil Handgrips. These grips are designed to ensure comfort and stability during the most rigorous exercise routines.

About Picsil Handgrips

These premium handgrips are popular amongst the fitness elite for good reason! They were created in 2012 by a keen fitness enthusiast with the intention of making a handgrip that really did give more traction when working out. Since then, Picsil have quickly become one of the top-selling brands around the world.

Picsil Handgrips are ideal for those competing in activities such as CrossFit, Olympic lifting, powerlifting, dancing or gymnastics. They will help to protect the hands from blisters or tears, so you can keep holding strong for longer.

What Makes Picsil Handgrips So Special?

Picsil Handgrips have been made with athletes in mind, harnessing the power of science to create a product that works! They are made with a specially patented fabric that feels soft and light to touch but is extremely tough. The durable materials mould around your hand to offer maximum protection as you reach your edge. The material is breathable and flexible, ensuring the grips are an aid, as opposed to a distraction (no sweaty palms!). Finally, strong Velcro straps help to keep the grips in place at all times, so that your focus doesn’t slip.

Available in a range of sizes, hole variations, thicknesses and colours, you will easily be able to find the best handgrip for you. Picsil handgrips will help you rock your exercise of choice and look great doing it!

Meta Description: Choose Picsil Handgrips for traction and stability when lifting or gripping during exercise and protect your hands from blisters. Browse the range at D8Fitness.

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