Sports Chalk

Sports Chalk

Protect your hands with sports chalk. Buy it now online or in store from D8 Fitness.

Sports chalk features application across a variety of sports and activities. Keep your hands dry while also preventing against rips and tears. Our selection of D8 Fitness chalks includes blocks, balls and liquid forms.

Gym chalk is composed of 100% high quality magnesium carbonate. As a result, it  comes in a handy for a variety of calisthenics or other exercises, such as mat work. Further, use it on any equipment that requires a firm, dry, no-slip grip. Apply chalk to hands or to other areas of the body that come into contact with equipment or gym apparatus, like forearms and thighs.

Finally, it features benefits for a wide variety of training or athletic activities. Both professionals and personal fitness buffs use it. Find it in the training bags of crossfitters, body builders, powerlifters, kettlebell users, gymnasts, rock climbers and more.

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