WOD Welder Products

WOD Welder offer skin care products that are ideal for the intense athlete or weightlifter. Their main focus is on the hands, with creams to help soothe calluses and aching muscles.

About WOD Welder Products

The name ‘WOD’ is an abbreviation of ‘workout of the day’. This cleverly named brand is all about helping fitness fanatics have the loveliest hands and skin possible. They don’t believe that calluses should be celebrated and instead provide products that help to ‘weld’ the scarred area back together.

Each product in the WOD Welder range is made up of natural ingredients. This helps to ensure that your body is healthy on the inside, as well as the outside.

Products in the Range

For your hands you’ll find their statement hand cream in a variety of sizes. The different packages means you can pop one in your gym bag and one in your bathroom, so you always have easy access to it. Chapped lips can also be rectified with the WOD Welder Solid Salve. Meanwhile, aching muscles can be instantly soothed with the Muscle Rub. Every exercise session should always end with a warm tub with an application of Bath Shot. This invigorating powder is made up of soothing salts and oils that will make you feel better after a tough session.

No matter which products you choose to use, you will be sure to notice a difference in the quality of your skin. Callused hands can make it difficult to perform many of the most basic exercises. It is important to keep them healthy in order to ensure fitness progression.

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