Rehband Knee Supports

About Rehband Knee Supports

Stay comfortable, stable and secure during workouts with the Rehband Knee Supports. The Rehband line is now available online and in-store from D8 Fitness.

All Rehband products including knee support feature quality construction and premium materials. Wear knee supports after damage, surgery or pain and strain to the knee area. Consequently, wearers experience the improved performance as well as help preventing injury. Protect your knees under stress by wearing a Rahband knee support.

How do they work?

Knee Supports supply both joint compression and warmth. Do you suffer from regular knee pain? Are you recovering from an injury, or want to prevent one? You’ll benefit from better blood flow and reduced strain on the knees. Perform squats, Oly lifts and more with confidence as a result of wearing Knee Supports.

Furthermore, those who suffer from particular ailments find them incredibly useful. Examples include patella tendonitis, jumpers or runners knee, hyperextension, damage to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), torn knee cartilage, sprained knee injuries and knee arthritis.

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