Smelling Salts - Ammonia Salts

Boost your energy during extreme workouts with our super smelling salts so that you can finish your training on a high. Designed to increase your inhalation rate, these clever ammonia-based salts give you the relief you need to power on through till the end.

About Smelling Salts

A legal way for athletes to improve performance and increase adrenaline, smelling salts are widely available. There are lots of different types of salts, but all will contain ammonia as the active ingredient. This is because ammonia triggers the hairs in the nose to increase inhalation. This sends extra oxygen to the brain, waking it up so that you feel better able to complete your reps. They have been used for many years to revive patients who have fainted but are now more popular in gyms.

Smelling salts should be used sparingly to avoid any side effects. When used responsibly they are completely safe and great for competitive use.

Responsible Manufacturer of Safe Salts

Not all smelling salts are made equal and care should be taken to buy yours from a reputable supplier. At D8 Fitness, we are keen to ensure our customers have the best possible experience with our products. This is why we have stringent testing procedures in place. Our salts are checked twice daily to ensure they remain pure and suitable for human use. This is an important process when working with chemicals, as the wrong composition could have dangerous results.

When buying from D8 Fitness, you can relax in the knowledge that your salts have been made with sports in mind.

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