Weight Lifting Belt

Weight Lifting Belt is one of the most important accessories you can have in your gym bag. From lifting belts that protect your spine and core muscles to dip belts for increasing resistance in training and more, D8Fitness have a large range of weight belts at great prices. Reduce forces on the: spine, stiffen the spine or increase intra-abdominal pressure.

Leather Weight Lifting Belt: This style belt will utilize three different options, which include: single-prong, double-prong (there are a few triple-pronged belts), and levers. The belt’s end will have pre-made holes, similar to regular belts you wear on a daily basis. Buckles/prongs and levers are made out of metal, and are usually a stainless steel to ensure durability.

Single, double, triple, and lever buckles are all made to be strong and avoid any form of bending during maximal movements. Unlike prongs, lever buckles have a pre-fixed nature, so you’ll have to tailor the belt to your torso/needs to find the perfect fit.

Nylon Weight Lifting Belt: These belts utilize stainless steel buckles as well, but only on the actual fastening section on the belt. The strap that tightens the belt will be made of pure nylon, or a cloth blend, and can be adjusted to fit the torso as tight as needed.

This style belt can often be pulled a little tighter, as it has more material to work with and no pre-made holes. Additionally, some nylon belts are made more rigid than others, so belt and strap width should be take into consideration.

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