Cold Compression Support

Treat workout injuries with a product from our Cold Compression Support range. Ideal for acute pain (i.e. pain that has been brought on suddenly), such as a twisted ankle or bruise, cold treatment helps to reduce swelling and discomfort.

About Cold Compression Support

Knowing when to use cold treatment rather than heat can be confusing. The general rule of thumb is that cold should be used  as soon as possible after any accident or injury. While a bag of frozen peas might be the typical go-to for many, a cold compress can offer a more reliable therapy. Our wide range of cold compression supports have been made to be strapped into place, so you can be more comfortable as you recover. The constant cold pressure will also help to make that recovery more rapid.

Save heat treatments for chronic pain such as sciatica, arthritis or nerve damage.

Why Choose our Supports

As premium suppliers of exercise equipment, D8 Fitness are aware of the needs of the athlete. Our cold compression supports have been made to aid in some of the most typical workout injuries. Helping to speed up recovery and reduce pain, they are a useful tool for any gym bunny’s first aid kit.

Made of the toughest, most durable neoprene material, our supports stay in place with strategically placed straps. They are adjustable to fit snugly against any injury so you can target the site of pain.

When you have finished with the cold compression support, you can throw it in your washing machine to reuse another time. Meanwhile, you can save your peas for dinner.

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