Resistance Bands With Handles

A fun, challenging addition to any workout, resistance bands can also be used in the rehabilitation of workout injuries. Offering a low-impact way to get the muscles moving again, these bands are able to target the entire body.

About Resistance Bands

Now a staple piece of equipment in all gyms, exercise bands are incredibly ease to use and fit into workouts. Ours have convenient handles for push-and-pull exercises, while the band structure is comfortable when pressing against the body. Hook the handles underneath the feet or on a bar for a range of different moves.

Made with a durable rubber-latex combination of materials, our resistance bands are able to withstand a lot of pressure. They will last you through many years of intense exercise, giving you many hours of use.

Why Should You Use Resistance Bands?

If you are looking to resume your weightlifting practice after an injury, resistance bands are a great way to ease back in. They help to remobilise the muscles after a period of rest, so that you can quickly return to lifting heavier weights. They make for a great warm-up aid too, once full mobility has returned.

Resistance bands with handles are also often used in exercise workouts, offering an alternative option to free weights. This means you can continue to use them long after your recovery is completed. These bands have the ability to give you a low-impact, full-body workout wherever you may be. The perfect exercise companion for anyone who travels a lot, or only has a small workout space.

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