Hand Gripper & Exercisers

Our range of hand gripper tools and exercisers ensure you are able to build strength in your palms and fingers with a variety of clever tools. These muscles might be small but they are vital for a successful workout, so don’t forget to pump your pinkies!

About Our Hand Gripper Selection

There is no such thing as ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to your hands. That is why we have such a wide range of hand grippers and exercisers for you to choose from. Whether you prefer a traditional gripper or something more unique like a skrunch or a piano exerciser, you will find exactly what you need to work your hands!

Why Should I Exercise My Hands?

Almost everyone can benefit from stronger hands. Whether you want to improve your grip for a more business-like handshake or your need a tighter hold on your barbell, stronger fingers are important.

A firm grip is especially important for weightlifters and athletes. Since the palm is connected to the forearm, working your hands can help to boost the muscles in this area too. It also ensures a tighter grip on the heavier bars – ideal for competitions.

Using a hand gripper is also essential for musicians who will benefit from increased dexterity in the muscles. This will make it easier for them to change notes quickly. Even the more sedentary amongst us will appreciate the ability to carry heavier shopping bags, thanks to stronger hands. The best thing about hand grippers is that they can be used by any one at any time in any place. They are compact, light and easy to use.

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