Massage Stick

Perfect for helping you gain access to those hard to reach areas, our massage sticks allow you to get deep into the muscle. Targeting small areas of pain, these sticks are great for self-massage.

About Massage Sticks

Aching, painful muscles can be a result of over-training, bad posture or injury. Massage sticks bring relief to tight areas, localizing the massage technique to get right to the source of the pain. They can also be used to help increase mobility and boost circulation by applying pressure on specialilsed areas.

The sticks are made up of a firm centre pole with handles on either end. On the pole are rotating rollers that you move backwards and forwards over the muscle. You can also use before and after a workout to boost circulation and prevent injury. They can be used over the whole body to ensure no muscle is left behind.

What Makes Our Massage Sticks Special?

Our special sticks are compact and lightweight, making them ideal for throwing in your gym bag or using while travelling. They are also incredibly easy to use – just roll the stick over the affected area. Our Trigger Point Grid Stick has easy-grip handles and a unique three-point pressure system that emulates the feeling of a masseuse’s hands.  Water-resistant and easy to wipe clean, they are low maintenance and very convenient.

An essential item for any gym bag – everyone should have a massage stick for recovery and rehabilitation.



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