Body Fat Calipers /Tapes /Goniometers

Keep track of your weight-loss progress with our range of Body Fat Calipers/Tapes/Goniometers. They are designed to give you an accurate gauge of your BMI and body fat. This allows you to see the results of your healthy lifestyle.

About Body Fat Calipers/Tapes/Goniometers

A Body Fat Caliper represents an easy and accessible way to measure how much of your weight is body fat. You use the caliper to measure a fold of skin, usually from around the tummy area, and then put that measurement into a formula.  This will give you your body fat percentage, which then gives you a figure to work away from. If you are trying to lose weight, you’ll be working to reduce this number.

Our range includes Body Fat Calipers/Tapes/Goniometers, so you might prefer to work from your BMI. We have a number of tape measures that will allow you to work out your individual score. If your aim is to increase flexibility and mobility in a joint, you’ll need a Goniometer which will measure your current range. As you undertake physiotherapy and rehabilitation, you will use the goniometer to watch your range increase.

Why Measure Body Fat?

The key to successful weight loss is to lose fat rather than muscle. In fact, if you are exercising as part of your  healthy regime, you are likely to increase your muscle mass which might actually see your weight rise temporarily. However, excess fat can be incredibly unhealthy and a toned physique relies on strong, taught muscles.

By measuring your body fat with our Body Fat Calipers /Tapes/Goniometers, you can see exactly what you need to lose to create your perfect body shape.

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