Mini Loop & Sling Shot Bands

Spice up your workouts with our Mini Loop & Sling Shot Bands. Made to add pressure to some of your simpler movements, they can help to take your fitness to the next level. You might notice that our own brand bands are slightly more expensive than those found elsewhere. This is a reflection of their superior quality. Offering more stretch and a longer life expectancy than cheaper makes, they are an excellent investment for your health.

About Mini Loop & Sling Shot Bands

Our branded Mini Loop & Sling Shot Bands have been made with premium quality rubber and cotton. This tough combination of materials ensures your bands are strong and durable, adding tension to your movements without being uncomfortable. They have been manufactured to ensure they don’t roll or snap while you perform your exercises.

Used as part of your daily workout, these bands can be an effective aid. Mini loop bands can be looped around your legs during squats, raises or shuffles to make these movements more difficult. This extra layer of intensity encourages the muscles to become stronger than ever, without having to resort to high-impact exercises.

The Different Types of Loop Band

We have a wide range of bands on offer. Choose a sling shot hip circle band when you want to activate the glutes or improve your posture during squats or deadlifts. They are also useful for warming up the muscles before a heavy weight-lifting session.

Mini loop bands are better for strength training and conditioning, helping to increase the intensity of lunges and shuffles. They are also great for rehabilitation. Both types of bands come in a range of sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your current fitness level. Alternatively, buy one of our sets of bands so that you have all the sizes at your fingertips.

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