Power Bands

Take a Power Band wherever you go and you can work on a variety of mobility exercises as you travel. Larger, stronger and even more durable than a traditional resistance band, these are an important investment for your health and strength. D8 Fitness power bands are slightly more expensive than those you will found elsewhere, due to their superior quality. With a higher capacity for stretch and a longer life expectancy, they are well worth the money.

About Power Bands

Power bands are ideal for those who are ready to take their band-training to the next level. They are made for intensive use, able to withstand the strain of even the most hardcore of workout. Athletes often use them to help push onward when they reach a plateau in their training.

Unlike resistance bands, which have a standard resistance throughout, power bands can vary their pressure depending on the angle of use. They are more versatile in use due to their ability to move in a number of directions.

Why You Need a Power Band in Your Workout

Like resistance bands, power bands are ideal for the travelling athlete. Light and compact, they easily fit into any bag that you may take with you, allowing you to leave your free weights at home. Giving you the resistance of weights, without the chunkiness, they are also more versatile.

For those looking to increase the difficulty of their workout, without upping the impact, these bands can be very useful. An ordinary body weight squat can be giving a new lease-of-life with a band held around the legs, while a shuffle walk can be made even harder with ease!

These bands offer effective results when used properly and should be a part of everyone’s exercise routine.

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