Massage Rollers

Relieve muscle tightness and exercise-induced aches and pains with one of our high-quality massage rollers. Available in a range of shapes and sizes, these clever devices get deep into those hard-working muscles to provide release and comfort.

About Massage Rollers

A great alternative to deep tissue massage, foam rollers are cheap and easy to use. You can target those muscles that are in need of a little love by rolling backwards and forwards over the area. It is a particularly useful technique for targeting the quads, thighs and upper back.

If you have really been pushing yourself in your workouts, a ten-minute massage roller session will be the perfect cool-down. When used regularly, these rollers can help reduce the effect of those dreaded DOMs.

How to Choose a Massage Roller

Massage rollers come in a number of variations, which can make it difficult to know which one would work best for you.

There are three basic densities of foam rollers – hard, medium and soft. Most users will suit a medium roller best, such as our 610mm Foam Roller. If you are in need of a more intense massage, the Grid Roller is firmer and more suited to body-builders and advanced users. Only choose a soft roller if you are looking for a more comfortable, soothing session.

We also have a smaller roller that is perfect for those who like to exercise when they travel. Our Nano Rollers are ideal for the feet or smaller areas of the body that need a release.

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