Shoulder Rehab

Bring your shoulder back to full health after an injury with our shoulder rehab tools. These simple contraptions help to loosen up tight muscles, improve movement and flexibility.

About Shoulder Pulley Exercisers

A clever combination of straps and wires, old shoulder rehab exercisers are gentle on the affected shoulder muscles. You can take your time building up the area, taking yourself back to pre-trauma strength and beyond! To use most devices, use the included attachments to secure them to a door. You can then adjust the wires of your shoulder rehab equipment to a length that you feel most comfortable with.
Our easy-to-use shoulder pulley exercisers are ideal for use at home or the gym. Lightweight, compact and extremely portable, you can take them with you on trips away to continue your rehabilitation wherever you may be.

Best Specifications of Shoulder Rehab Tools

There are various shoulder rehab devices on the market, so it is important to check the specifications before making a purchase. You will want a shoulder pulley that can fit on any type of door. The wires/ropes need to be high-quality and strong, in order to take the full force of your weight.

You should also look at how easy it is to attach the shoulder rehab tools to the door. Most have their own attachment which makes it a quick and simple process. This allows you to perform your workouts whenever you have a spare five minutes. Look for non-slip handles, which give you a good grip of your shoulder rehab equipment as your work through your routine.

A shoulder exerciser is the perfect tool to improve motion and flexibility throughout the shoulder. It is great for use in rehabilitation programmes.

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