Stretch Band

Pull, extend and loosen tight muscles with our flexible stretch bands. They are intended to help those who have been inactive for a long time or are suffering with delayed onset muscle soreness after a tough workout.

About Stretch Bands

Used as a support for aching muscles, a stretch band can be useful in helping to improve mobility. Stretching the muscle out helps to aid in recovery and encourages a wider range of motion.

These bands work in much the same way as resistance bands and can be used in most of the same movements. This means you can use them in your workout routines as well as your rehabilitation exercises. The main difference between the two is that resistance bands have handles, whereas these bands do not. In many rehabilitation exercises, handles are not needed and stretch bands feel more comfortable against the skin. Of course, both have their place in fitness and it can be useful to have a set of each.

What Makes Our Stretch Bands Special?

Our bands come in three different sizes, so you can tailor your exercises depending on what best fits. These simple tools can be very effective when looped around your foot, shins or waist, helping to reduce tightness and pain.

The strong, durable fabric composition of these bands has been crafted to stand up to vigorous use. This allows you to push your body to your appropriate edge, helping you move past your limits and see results.

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