Injury Supports & Braces

Injury supports are a vital tool in the rehabilitation of injury. If you are keen to get back to everyday activity, one of these braces should help to speed up recovery.

About Injury Supports

Do not use injury supports as an alternative to medical advice. Instead, they are a useful part of rehabilitation, providing support to a weakened area once it has been professionally assessed. There are many reasons why you might need a brace for a part of your body. Usually though, they work to support the bone or muscle that has been sprained or injured in some way. Braces work by limiting movement in the area, so you are less likely to damage the joint again. Weightlifters also sometimes use supports to prevent injury caused by the pressure of the weights.

What is Special About Our Injury Supports?

Made with athletes in mind, our braces have been created with the highest quality neoprene material. With proven durability, this material is comfortable, lightweight and breathable, helping to reduce sweating through improved air flow. Most supports have been made in a one-size-fits-all style and can be easily adjusted to fit the individual. With a rigid splint construction, they work to keep the bone as still as possible, so that it can rehabilitate quickly.

We have injury supports for almost every part of your body, so that you can find relief whatever your injury may be. From common braces for your knees and wrists, through to more specific needs such as your feet or hernia relief, we have it all right here.




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