Thera Bands

Thera Bands are a simple piece of equipment, yet incredibly effective in  increasing intensity or enhancing rehabilitation.  Available in four different sizes, to offer a variety of resistances, they are ideal for both personal or commercial use.

Resistance bands are an important part of many Pilates workouts, adding depth to each move by activating the smaller muscles. This helps to improve your overall strength and flexibility.

<h2>About Thera Band</h2>

There are many resistance bands on the market today, but Thera Band is the original. A must-have for fitness enthusiasts, they have been the premium choice of band for over 40 years. The different coloured bands show your fitness progression, so that you start with the lightest resistance and work up. Made with the highest quality latex material, these bands are strong, durable and ready to push you to your limits!

<h2>What Makes Thera Bands so Special?<h2>

Maybe it is the simplicity of design, or perhaps it is the versatility of use, but Thera Bands really are an important part of your fitness kit. Choose your exercise based on whether you want to test and improve your strength or improve flexibility and movement after an injury or illness. Be gentle with your body or go hard – these bands are designed to do both.

Use the bands as they are, holding either end and placing the centre of the band where you would most like to create extra resistance, or knot or loop the band as required, for a wider variety of exercises.

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