Vinyl Dumbbells

Traditionally used in intensive workouts, vinyl dumbbells are also a very useful physiotherapy tool. Start with the lightest weights to help build strength and tone the area when recovering from injury. You can then work your way up to the heavier weights as your muscles start to improve.

About Vinyl Dumbbells

Unlike your everyday workout weights, dumbbells made of vinyl are perfect for rehabilitation and beginners. They tend to be cheaper than weights made of other materials and you can only buy them in the lighter sizes.

If you are training in an apartment and are worried about the noise of weights, vinyl are a great choice. They don’t tend to make as much sound when you put them down after a hard workout, so they won’t annoy the neighbours! They are also much easier to grip, thanks to the sticky surface, so you are much less likely to drop them.

There are a huge range of exercises you can do with vinyl dumbbells, each one made to target different muscles. This allows you to workout the whole body if required. The more you use them, the heavier you will find yourself lifting!

Why You Should Use Vinyl Dumbbells

Available in a range of sizes, vinyl dumbbells really are best for those looking to increase their fitness after injury. As soon as you get the all-clear from your doctor, these low-cost weights will help boost strength and range of motion.

For this reason, it is best to buy a set of dumbbells. You will start with the lightest weight, testing your muscles that have been lying dormant for some time. Then you can work your way up, pushing yourself without putting too much strain on the area. You will soon find your fitness returning.

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