Plant Based Protein

Whoever said that vegans won’t be able to get all the protein that they need should take a look at our range of plant-based powders! These supplements are designed to provide you with all the protein that your muscles need for recovery and growth after a workout. They give your muscles the energy boost they need, without the need to hurt any animals in the process.

There are many types of protein powder on the market, but many of them involve dairy as their primary source of amino acids. Plant-based proteins focus on alternative ingredients, including soy, rice, hemp and pea proteins. The right blend gives you the perfect protein, incorporating all the essential amino acids so that you can compete with ease against meat-eaters and dairy digesters!

There are other benefits to choosing a vegan supplement. These powders are less likely to contribute to health issues such as heart disease and are less likely to irritate allergies. They also have a better environmental focus.

We have teamed up with some of the biggest brands to ensure our plant-based proteins are the best on the market.

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