Shakers / Water Jugs

Our shakers/water jugs selection are perfect for keeping you hydrated on the go. You’ll need to keep your water levels topped up when working out, even during periods of low intensity, in order to keep performing at your best. A good water jug won’t leak or spill easily, making it perfect for busy gym classes or team sports.

The longer or more difficult your workout will be, the bigger the water bottle you’ll need! Unless you are confident there will be a tap close by that allows you to refill. But this will take time away from the serious business of your training session!

Meanwhile, shaker jugs are an essential tool when enjoying a protein shake. Made to easily combine water and protein powder, you can mix while you are out and about. This allows you to get the maximum benefits of your supplement and ensures it tastes good too!

So, whether you need a protein powder shaker or a water jug, you’ll have plenty to choose from right here!

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